Multilingual Gameloc Glossaries

Gaming terminology is ever-evolving, and even modern dictionaries don’t often keep up with the lingo: what’s a whale, an otome or a HoT? To help you navigate those neologisms, several members of the L10N/Gameloc communities across multiple language pairs have come together to publish their crowdsourced glossaries, adding sources, descriptions, and references along the way.

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L10N Communities Directory

Due to the isolating nature of translation work, it can sometimes be difficult to find colleagues to talk to, especially during a pandemic. Novice and veterans alike can benefit from expanding their network, so here’s a list of some of the most active translation communities on various social networks.

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Gameloc Agency Directory

There are multiple ways of entering the game localization industry, and one of the most common ones is by working with agencies who are specialized in this particular niche. I have compiled a list of some of the well-known ones to help you in your research. Read more to see the full list!

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Translation Tests & You

If you’re a newcomer in the translation industry, you might not be acquainted with the concept of translation tests. In this article, I’ve compiled a series of tips to help you in the process and even created a custom-made mock test to prepare you for the real thing.

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